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macOS Monterey is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for Mac computers, launched in 2021. One of the biggest features is Universal Control, which allows users to operate a Mac and an iPad side by side with just one keyboard. Thanks to Wi-Fi Direct, objects can be easily dragged and dropped between the two screens.

Another significant update is the visual refresh of Safari, providing an enhanced browsing experience. Maps now has 360-degree street views available for various locations, and Facetime’s spatial audio feature creates a more immersive communication experience by making voices sound like they come from where they are positioned on the screen.

The new feature called Focus aims to increase productivity by enabling users to customise scripted responses. Additionally, SharePlay lets users share content from their devices in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Universal Control in Monterey?

Universal Control is a new feature in Monterey that allows a single keyboard to control both a Mac and an iPad side by side. This makes it easy to drag and drop objects between the two screens thanks to Wi-Fi Direct.

What’s new with Safari in Monterey?

Safari in Monterey has received a visual update for an enhanced browsing experience.

What is Facetime’s spatial audio feature?

Facetime’s spatial audio function in Monterey makes voices sound like they are coming from where the person is positioned on the screen, making communication more immersive.

Experience the New and Exciting Features in macOS Monterey

With macOS Monterey, users can enjoy new and exciting features, such as Universal Control, improved Safari, 360-degree street views in Maps, enhanced communication with Facetime’s spatial audio, and customised scripted responses with Focus. Upgrade to macOS Monterey today and experience a new level of productivity and creativity with your Mac computer.

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