What isMoto

Moto is a brand utilized by Motorola in the advertising campaigns of their 21st-century smartphones. The phrase “HelloMoto” became widely recognized by users when they powered on their Motorola phones. Motorola Mobility LLC is a renowned American consumer electronics company that specializes in creating Android-based mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. The multinational technology corporation, Lenovo Group, based in China, now owns Motorola Mobility. The word-forming element motus, which means “motion and motor,” was the inspiration for the Moto branding. Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility for $2.91 billion in 2014, making it a subsidiary of the company.


What is Moto?

Moto is a branding term used by Motorola Mobility for the advertising of its 21st-century smartphones and mobile devices.

Who owns Motorola Mobility?

Motorola Mobility LLC is a subsidiary of the Lenovo Group, a multinational technology corporation based in China.

What does motus mean?

The term motus is a word-forming element that means motion and motor. The company was inspired by this term when creating the Moto branding for its smartphones.

The Final Verdict

Moto by Motorola is a premier brand that is synonymous with high-quality mobile devices. Their Android-powered smartphones and tablets are recognized for their superior features and innovative design. Motorola Mobility is part of the Lenovo Group, one of the world’s leading technology corporations, which is recognized for its cutting-edge products. If you want a device that delivers outstanding performance and is packed with features, Moto by Motorola is the way to go.

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