What isMount Rainier

A format that offers native OS compatibility for CD-RW and DVD+RW disks as well as platform interoperability. By using the “MRW” or “CD-MRW” format, files can be saved to RW disks just like they would be on a hard drive (from any Save dialog or dragged and dropped). When writing to a blank disk for the first time, Mount Rainier automatically formats it and supports the UDF file system. By “de-icing” the disk, which saves the data required to continue the format later, it enables the disk to be ejected before it has finished formatting.

Defect management, which hides problematic sectors and copies data to spare disks, is another feature that Mount Rainier provides. Additionally, it decreases the block size from 64 KB to 2 KB for better utilization of available disk space. For read compatibility with MRW disks, an additional driver can be installed for vintage CD-ROM and CD-RW drives.

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