What ismSQL

mSQL, also known as Mini SQL, is a powerful and free relational DBMS developed by Hughes Technologies Pty Ltd. It is designed for non-commercial usage and can be accessed on Unix/Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. With mSQL, you can easily manage and query databases, making it a popular choice among developers.

Accessing the mSQL database is made possible through scripting languages like PHP, MsqlPerl, and mSQL’s very own W3-mSQL. These languages allow you to interact with the database from web pages, creating dynamic and interactive functionalities. Furthermore, mSQL query language is based on ANSI SQL, making it familiar and easy to use for developers with SQL knowledge. Additionally, programming languages like C can also be integrated with mSQL for more advanced functionalities.

Originally developed in 1994 by David Hughes as a SQL interface for a network management program, mSQL later evolved into a standalone database engine in 1998. This new engine required less hardware resources while still offering the same level of functionality and flexibility.

Key Features of mSQL:

  • Free for non-commercial usage
  • Compatible with Unix/Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • Supports various scripting languages for web integration
  • Based on ANSI SQL, ensuring easy adoption
  • Can be extended with programming languages like C


Is mSQL suitable for commercial usage?

No, mSQL is specifically designed for non-commercial usage. If you require a DBMS for commercial purposes, you may consider other alternatives that offer commercial licenses.

Can mSQL be used in conjunction with other programming languages?

Absolutely! mSQL can be seamlessly integrated with programming languages like C, allowing you to leverage the power of mSQL in your custom applications.

Where can I learn more about mSQL?

You can visit the official website of Hughes Technologies Pty Ltd. at www.hughes.com.au for more information about mSQL and its capabilities.

In conclusion, mSQL is a versatile and powerful DBMS that is available for free for non-commercial purposes. It supports various scripting languages for web integration, making it an excellent choice for developers working on dynamic web applications. With its compatibility with Unix/Linux, Windows, and Mac, mSQL offers flexibility across different operating systems. Consider exploring mSQL for your next database management project!

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