What isMTV-1

Step into the world of television innovation with the MTV-1, the ground-breaking Micro Vision TV-1. Created by Sinclair Radionics in London and released in 1977, this portable TV set took the world by storm.

Featuring a tiny 2″ CRT, the MTV-1 offered both PAL-only and PAL-and-NTSC transmission models, giving viewers a wide range of options. But what truly set the MTV-1 apart was its incredible portability. This TV set was designed to fit in an astonishingly large pocket, like the kind you would find on a safari garment.

Key Features of the MTV-1:

  • Ultra-portable design that fits in large pockets
  • 2″ CRT for a clear and vibrant display
  • Models available for PAL-only or PAL-and-NTSC transmission

Whether you’re going on a trip, heading outdoors, or simply want to enjoy your favorite shows on the go, the MTV-1 is your perfect companion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can the MTV-1 be connected to other devices like gaming consoles?

Unfortunately, the MTV-1 is not compatible with other devices such as gaming consoles. It is primarily designed for watching TV broadcasts.

What is the battery life of the MTV-1?

The MTV-1 can run on two AA batteries, providing approximately 8 to 10 hours of viewing time.

Experience the future of television with the MTV-1 and never miss your favorite shows again, no matter where you are!

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