What ismultiport serial card

Looking to connect multiple modems and serial devices to your computer? Look no further than a multiport serial card. This circuit board comes equipped with numerous serial ports, making it easy to interface with various sensors and data gathering terminals in industrial and medical applications.

Experience the Power of Multiport Cards

Did you know that the first multiport serial card for PCs was created by Comtrol? These innovative cards allow your PC to function as both a modem and ISDN remote access server, as well as a signal collector for sensors and other data collecting devices.

With RJ-45 jacks for serial lines and up to eight DB-25 connectors for modems, these cards offer unparalleled connectivity and flexibility.


What can a multiport serial card be used for?

A multiport serial card can be used to connect modems and other serial devices. It is commonly used in industrial and medical applications where sensors and data gathering terminals require a serial port interface.

How many ports does a multiport serial card have?

The number of ports on a multiport serial card can vary depending on the specific model. Some cards offer as few as four ports, while others can have up to sixteen or more.

Can I use a multiport serial card with any type of computer?

Multiport serial cards are generally compatible with most computers that have the necessary expansion slots. However, it is always recommended to check the specifications of your computer and the card to ensure compatibility.

Upgrade your connectivity and streamline your data collection process with a multiport serial card today!

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