The phrase “Not a Lot of People Know That” is often credited to Michael Caine for his use of it in the movie Educating Rita, but it was actually invented by Peter Sellers ten years earlier when he was making fun of a chat show presenter, Michael Parkinson. Parkinson later became famous for spouting facts from the Guinness Book of Records and using the phrase himself. The abbreviation NALOPKT is often used in reference to this famous phrase.

FAW – Not a Lot of People Know That

There are a lot of phrases that have become part of popular culture, but not everyone knows who originated them. One such phrase is “not a lot of people know that,” which has become a common idiom used to introduce obscure or little-known information. But who actually came up with this phrase?


The abbreviation NALOPKT stands for “Not a Lot of People Know That.” It is a humorous way of introducing information that may not be widely known, and has become something of a catchphrase for those who enjoy sharing trivia or obscure facts.

Many people believe that actor Michael Caine originated the phrase, thanks to his frequent use of it in interviews and public appearances. However, the true originator of the phrase is fellow actor Peter Sellers. In fact, Caine himself has admitted that he borrowed the phrase from Sellers.

Sellers first used the phrase in a parody of talk show host Michael Parkinson, who was known for sharing obscure facts and statistics with his audience. During the sketch, Sellers declared, “Not a lot of people know that,” before launching into a series of ridiculous and obviously false statements.

The phrase caught on quickly, and soon became a popular part of the UK’s comedy scene. By the time Michael Caine used it in “Educating Rita” in 1983, it was already a familiar phrase to many people.

The Legacy of NALOPKT

Today, the phrase “not a lot of people know that” is still in common use, both in the UK and around the world. It has been parodied and riffed on countless times, and has even spawned its own line of merchandise.

But more than just being a catchy turn of phrase, “not a lot of people know that” has become a cultural touchstone. It speaks to our fascination with obscure information and our desire to be seen as knowledgeable and well-informed.

So the next time you find yourself about to share a little-known fact with someone, why not start with “not a lot of people know that”? You might just be surprised at how well it goes over.

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