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The Business Technology Association (BTA) was founded in 1994 and serves the business equipment and systems market. It is a membership organization for manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and service providers. NOMDA, a group established in 1926, merged with LANDA and AIMED to form BTA. The organization sponsors training sessions, yearly Business Technology Expos, and publications for its members.

What is the Business Technology Association?

The Business Technology Association (BTA) is a membership organization that serves the business equipment and systems market. Established in 1994, the BTA is headquartered in Kansas City, MO and has members consisting of manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and service providers.

One of the key advantages of being a BTA member is access to publications, training sessions, and yearly Business Technology Expos. These resources help members stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, as well as connect with potential customers and partners.

History and Merger

The BTA was formed through the merger of several industry organizations, including the National Office Machine Dealers Association (NOMDA), the LAN Dealers Association (LANDA), and the Affiliated Independent Mailing Equipment Dealers (AIMED).

NOMDA had been established in 1926 and was a leading trade association for the office equipment and systems industry, representing dealers and resellers of typewriters, adding machines, calculators, and other office machines. LANDA was a trade association for dealers of local area network equipment, while AIMED represented independent mailing equipment dealers.

The merger of these organizations allowed the BTA to serve a wider range of businesses in the office equipment and systems market, and provide a more comprehensive set of products and services to its members.

Membership Benefits

In addition to access to industry publications, training, and events, BTA members receive a range of other benefits. These include networking opportunities with other members, discounts on products and services from partner companies, and access to a range of business resources such as research reports and benchmarking data.

The BTA also works to represent its members on regulatory and policy issues that affect the business equipment and systems industry. This advocacy work helps ensure that member companies can operate in a supportive business environment and have a voice in policy matters that affect their businesses.


For businesses operating in the business equipment and systems market, membership in the Business Technology Association can provide valuable resources and connections. Whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, distributor, or service provider, the BTA offers a range of benefits to support your business success.

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