What isNCF file

An NCF (NetWare Command File) file is a script file that contains a sequence of NetWare commands, equivalent to a DOS batch file (.BAT). This sequence of commands is executed one after the other, automating the process of configuring or managing the NetWare server.

The NCF file can be compared with the DOS AUTOEXEC.BAT file, as they both execute a list of commands one at a time. When the NetWare server boots up, the AUTOEXEC.NCF file is executed.

Benefits of Using NCF Files

  • Automation of configuration and management tasks on NetWare server
  • Time-saving approach
  • Eliminates the need for repetitive manual command entry
  • Reduces the risk of errors caused by manual input


How to create an NCF file?

You can create an NCF file by using a simple text editor like Notepad. The NCF file should be saved in the SYS:SYSTEM directory on the NetWare server.

How to execute an NCF file?

You can run an NCF file either manually by typing the file name at the server console, or by configuring it to run automatically during server boot by adding it to the AUTOEXEC.NCF file.


An NCF file is a valuable tool for NetWare administrators, as it automates repetitive tasks, saves time, and decreases the risk of errors. By understanding the benefits of using an NCF file and how to create and run them, admins can effectively manage and configure their NetWare servers.

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