What isNDPS

Discover how NDPS (Novell Distant Print Services) revolutionized printing on NetWare file servers. Developed in collaboration by Novell, Xerox, and HP, NDPS introduced advanced features that enhanced printing efficiency and convenience.

Key features of NDPS include:

  • Bi-directional capability for seamless communication between printers and servers
  • Email notifications to toner providers for automatic toner reordering
  • Integration with NDS or bindery directories in NetWare to locate printer resources
  • Support for third-party gateways, QMS, and LPR/LPD protocols

NDPS ran as an NLM (NetWare Loadable Module) on a NetWare server and utilized open standards like SNMP and ISO 10175 for client communication. With the introduction of NetWare 5, NDPS expanded its compatibility by incorporating JetDirect and Xerox protocols.


What is NDPS?

NDPS stands for Novell Distant Print Services. It is a printing standard developed for NetWare file servers in collaboration with Novell, Xerox, and HP.

What are the primary features of NDPS?

NDPS offers bi-directional capability, automatic toner reordering, integration with directory services, and compatibility with various printing protocols.

In summary,

NDPS transformed printing on NetWare servers by introducing advanced features and enhanced compatibility. With its bi-directional communication and automated toner management, NDPS simplified printing workflows and improved overall efficiency.

Upgrade your printing experience with NDPS and enjoy seamless printing on your NetWare file servers!

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