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Discover the cutting-edge products created by Nervana Systems, a division of Intel based in San Diego, California. Our flagship product, Neon, is a powerful deep learning framework that was previously available as open source. Now, Neon forms the backbone of Nervana Cloud, our state-of-the-art cloud-based software service (SaaS) designed specifically for neural networks. Additionally, our revolutionary Nervana Engine is a specialized chip built to optimize deep learning processes.

At Nervana Systems, we draw inspiration from the concept of “nirvana” in Hinduism and Buddhism. Just like achieving enlightenment brings complete peace and clarity, our goal is to create neural network solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in technology and artificial intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nervana Cloud:

Q: What is Neon?

A: Neon is a powerful deep learning framework developed by Nervana Systems. It serves as the foundation for our cloud-based software service, Nervana Cloud.

Q: What is Nervana Cloud?

A: Nervana Cloud is a cutting-edge software service (SaaS) that harnesses the power of neural networks. Built using our Neon framework, it allows users to easily build and deploy neural network models in the cloud.

Q: What is the Nervana Engine?

A: The Nervana Engine is a specialized chip designed to optimize deep learning processes. It enhances the performance and efficiency of neural networks, enabling faster and more accurate computations.

Q: How does Nervana Cloud benefit businesses?

A: Nervana Cloud provides businesses with a user-friendly platform to leverage the power of neural networks. It allows for seamless model development and deployment, enabling companies to harness the insights gained from complex data and drive innovation in their respective industries.

Experience the transformative capabilities of Nervana Cloud today and unlock the full potential of neural networks!

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