What isnetViz

netViz is a powerful Windows-based network modeling tool developed by netViz Corporation (now a part of CA Technologies). This tool was introduced in 1993 and since then it is helping its users to visualize their network models in a more efficient way. It is loaded with more than 400 predefined symbols to represent various network components and enables the connection of a database to the diagram. The best part is, it maintains the connections between different components even when they are rearranged on the page.

Originally netViz was a privately held company and in 2003 it was acquired by Concord Communications, a provider of performance monitoring and problem management software. Later in 2005, CA Technologies purchased Concord and netViz’s entire asset base.

Key Features of netViz:

  • Windows-based network modeling software
  • More than 400 predefined symbols
  • Ability to connect a database to the diagram
  • Efficient way to visualize network models
  • Maintains connections between components even when rearranged


Does netViz support Windows operating systems only?

Yes, netViz is a Windows-only tool, and it supports all versions of Windows offered by Microsoft.

Can netViz diagrams be exported to other formats?

Yes, netViz diagrams can be exported to other formats like PNG, JPEG, EMF, and more


NetViz is an excellent tool for those businesses who are looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly network modeling solution. With its impressive and scalable features, it offers an efficient way to visualize and analyze network models.

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