What isNetWare Management System

Do you want to efficiently manage and monitor your NetWare networks? Look no further than Novell’s NetWare Management System (NMS). It’s a simple network management solution based on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that provides in-depth network analysis and comprehensive reporting features. With NMS, you can quickly identify and fix network problems, perform network audits, and closely monitor device operation.

In recent years, NMS has been replaced by ManageWise. However, NMS still remains a relevant and valuable network management tool.

Frequently Asked Questions about NMS:

What is NetWare Management System (NMS)?

NetWare Management System (NMS) is a network management tool for NetWare networks, designed to simplify network management and monitoring using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

What are the benefits of using NMS?

NMS provides quick identification of network issues, offers comprehensive reporting features and device operation monitoring, and greatly simplifies the network audit process.

What has replaced NMS?

ManageWise is the newest network management tool from Novell that has replaced NMS.

The Bottom Line

Novell’s NetWare Management System provides an SNMP-based solution to simplify network management, monitor device operation, and perform network audits. While it has been replaced by ManageWise, it’s still an effective tool for network administrators.

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