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NeXT, originally founded by Steve Jobs in 1985, was a computer business that eventually joined forces with Apple. Starting out in Redwood City, California, NeXT initially focused on hardware, releasing a high-resolution workstation in 1988. This black cube computer utilized the NeXTSTEP operating system and became known for its advanced capabilities.

However, in 1993, NeXT shifted its focus to software and changed its name to NeXT Software. The company concentrated on developing OpenStep, a powerful object-oriented development environment based on NeXTSTEP. OpenStep was made available on various platforms including x86, Sun, and HP computers.

In a major turn of events, Apple acquired NeXT Software in 1996. This acquisition brought Steve Jobs back to the company he co-founded, and marked the beginning of a new chapter for Apple as it integrated the innovative technologies developed by NeXT into its own products.

Key Points:

  • NeXT was established by Steve Jobs in 1985.
  • The company initially focused on hardware, releasing a high-resolution workstation with the NeXTSTEP operating system.
  • In 1993, NeXT transitioned into software, concentrating on the development of OpenStep.
  • Apple acquired NeXT Software in 1996, bringing Steve Jobs back to Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What was NeXTSTEP?

NeXTSTEP was an advanced operating system developed by NeXT. It was known for its object-oriented design and user-friendly interface.

How did NeXT Software impact Apple?

The acquisition of NeXT Software brought powerful technologies to Apple, which played a significant role in the revitalization and future success of the company. NeXT’s innovations heavily influenced the development of macOS and iOS.

What is Steve Jobs’ connection to NeXT?

Steve Jobs co-founded both NeXT and Apple. He left Apple in the mid-1980s and started NeXT, only to return to Apple when the company acquired NeXT Software in 1996.

Experience the legacy of NeXT through its groundbreaking technologies that continue to shape the world of computing today.

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