Discover the operating system that rose from the ashes of the original Macintosh team at Apple. NeXTSTEP was developed by NeXT for their own line of workstations, but soon became available on other platforms like Sun and HP. The OS, built on Unix, came with a unique interface that bordered on futuristic at the time.

When Apple acquired NeXT, the Mach microkernel used in OPENSTEP and NeXTSTEP became the backbone of Mac OS X. In 1989, OPENSTEP was rebranded as Version 4.


What is NeXTSTEP?

NeXTSTEP is an operating system developed by NeXT for their own line of workstations that transformed computer user experience. It was later adopted by other manufacturers like Sun and HP.

What makes NeXTSTEP revolutionary?

The operating system was built on Unix and came with a unique interface that was ahead of its time, featuring advanced features like drag-and-drop and object-oriented programming concepts that are common today.

What happened to NeXTSTEP?

Apple eventually acquired NeXTSTEP and incorporated the Mach microkernel used in the OS into Mac OS X. The OPENSTEP version of the operating system was rebranded as Version 4 in 1989.

Experience the Revolution Today

While NeXTSTEP is no longer in active development, it paved the way for modern operating system features we take for granted today. Its influence can still be felt in macOS and other Unix-based systems. Explore the legacy of NeXTSTEP and its impact on computer history today.

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