What isNIAP

NIAP, or the National Information Assurance Partnership, is a government initiative that was collaboratively created by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to address the security testing needs of both IT producers and consumers.

NIAP approves Common Criteria Testing Laboratories (CCTLs) that evaluate and test commercial products and provide assurance to consumers that the products meet specific security requirements. NIAP certification indicates that a product is secure and has been evaluated to meet specific security criteria.


What is the purpose of NIAP?

The purpose of NIAP is to provide a framework for the evaluation of IT security products and solutions to ensure they meet specific security requirements.

What is a NIAP certification?

A NIAP certification is an indication that a product has undergone rigorous security testing and has been reviewed and evaluated by an expert third-party evaluation facility.

What products can receive NIAP certification?

NIAP certification is available for a range of IT products across different sectors, including operating systems, network devices, mobile devices, servers, and more.

Final Thoughts

NIAP plays a vital role in ensuring that IT products and solutions meet specific security requirements. NIAP certification is a reliable indicator of a product’s security and can offer peace of mind to IT consumers looking for safe and reliable products and solutions.

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