What isNICC

NICC or New Internet Computer with Internet was an innovative but short-lived concept from Palo Alto, California. It was a Linux-based computer that lacked a hard drive or disc drive, and its OS, Java Virtual Machine, and browser were stored on a CD-ROM.

The NICC was entirely web-based and enabled users to save their files through an Internet storage service. However, it had an integrated flash memory that allowed saving bookmarks locally. Email services were also provided through web-based service. In a nutshell, the NICC was an updated version of the network computer that Larry Ellison, the famous Oracle billionaire, spearheaded in 2000.


Why did the NICC never gain popularity?

Despite being a revolutionary concept, several factors were against the NICC. Firstly, a user required a stable and fast internet connection to access its services, which was often not available in the early 2000s. Secondly, the lack of local storage made it challenging for users who wanted to work on files without internet connectivity. Finally, the concept failed to gain mainstream attention due to the high price and lack of brand awareness.

What was unique about the NICC?

The NICC was a web-focused computer that aimed to eliminate the need for traditional hardware and make computing more accessible globally. Its hardware was designed to work without the need for local storage or any internal moving parts, making it less susceptible to damage or data loss. The web-based model was a new approach to computing that allowed for a centralized storage and computing system without the need for personal hardware, making it revolutionary for its time.

Final thoughts

Despite its eventual failure, the NICC was a significant innovation in computing. It sought to democratize access to the internet and computing power, which eventually became a reality with cloud computing technology. The NICC will always be remembered as a pioneer that paved the way for modern computing models that we enjoy today.

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