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Explore Nervana, the division of Intel based in San Diego, California, that offers products for neural networks, AI, and deep learning. One of its main offerings is the cloud-based software service known as Nervana Cloud, which is built on top of the open-source deep learning framework called Neon developed by Nervana. Nervana Engine, a deep learning-specific chip, is another notable product.

In addition to its innovative technologies, Nervana also draws inspiration from Hinduism and Buddhism, where the word “nirvana” (written with an “i”) signifies a state of enlightenment and serenity.


What is Nervana Cloud?

Nervana Cloud is a cloud-based software service for building and training neural networks, which is based on the deep learning framework Neon developed by Nervana.

What is Nervana Engine?

Nervana Engine is a deep learning-specific chip designed to accelerate neural network training and inference.

What is Nirvana?

Nirvana is a word that originates from Hinduism and Buddhism, and signifies an enlightened state of being and absolute serenity.

Experience the power of Nervana’s AI and deep learning products for yourself and discover a state of technological nirvana.

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