What isNISO

NISO is a non-profit organization recognized by ANSI that is responsible for creating and maintaining technical standards for information management. Its members include organizations from the publishing, library, IT, and media industries, and it represents American interests as a Technical Advisory Group to ISO. Established in 1939, NISO has grown in its influence and importance over the years.

What is NISO?

NISO, short for the National Information Standards Organization, is a non-profit organisation that is recognised by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Since its establishment in 1939, NISO has been responsible for identifying, creating, maintaining, and disseminating technical standards for information management across several sectors including publishing, library, IT, and media industries.

Who is part of NISO?

NISO is composed of over 70 organisations from different industries, and each contributes to the development of standards that are necessary for effective information management. Members of NISO include publishers, libraries, technology companies, and media organisations.

What is the role of NISO?

NISO’s primary role is to develop technical standards for information management across different industries. These standards cover topics such as metadata, digital rights, accessibility of electronic resources, and library procurement. NISO also works to promote these standards and to help implement them within organisations.

How does NISO maintain and disseminate standards?

NISO follows a rigorous process for maintaining and disseminating standards, which includes the following steps:

1. Identifying the need for a new standard or revising an existing one
2. Creating a working group made up of experts in the field
3. Drafting and reviewing the standard
4. Providing an opportunity for public comments
5. Approving and publishing the final standard

Once a standard is finalised, NISO makes it available to the public, either in print or electronic form, and also provides training and support materials to help organisations implement it.

Why are NISO’s standards important?

NISO’s standards play a crucial role in ensuring effective information management across various industries. These standards provide a common language and framework for managing information, making it easier to discover, retrieve and use information. They also help to ensure that information is accurate, reliable, and accessible to all.

In The bottom line, NISO is an essential organisation that plays a significant role in creating and implementing technical standards for effective information management. Their standards have become widely recognised and adopted by organisations in various sectors, making them an invaluable resource.

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