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If you’ve ever come across a website with multiple windows displaying different content simultaneously, then you’ve experienced HTML frames. In essence, frames play a crucial role in website layout and enable the display of several HTML files simultaneously. They function just like apps that display several windows and allow for static data to remain visible while browsing other content.

A typical example is a menu bar that features links to various articles on a website, positioned at the top of the webpage. Even when scrolling through the content, the menu bar remains visible, enabling easy navigation. Additionally, frames allow for the inclusion of content from other websites or pages, with links retrieving web pages from any server.

Finally, frames also automatically provide scroll bars in instances where the content exceeds the size of the frame window. All in all, HTML frames remain a vital component of website layout to this day.


  • Are frames still used in website design?
  • Yes, HTML frames are still used in website design, although their usage has reduced over the years due to the emergence of responsive design that enables effective display across multiple devices.

In Conclusion

HTML frames are a crucial component of website layout and enable the simultaneous display of several HTML files in multiple windows. With the help of frames, static data can remain visible while browsing through other content, and scroll bars are automatically provided when necessary. Although their usage has reduced over the years, they still play a vital role in website design and development.

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