What isNorton Desktop for Windows

Norton Desktop for Windows is a software that was developed by Symantec to enhance the Windows 3.x shell. It comes with multiple customization options and a complete suite of tools to help make your Windows experience better. Before the Windows version, there was a similar DOS version known as Norton Desktop.

Key Features of Norton Desktop for Windows

  • Customizable desktop, taskbar, and icons
  • File manager with dual-pane browsing, file compression, and file encryption
  • Integrated calendar, calculator, and notepad
  • Ability to add third-party plugins for extra features

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Norton Desktop for Windows still available?

No, Norton Desktop for Windows is no longer available for download or purchase from Symantec as it was discontinued after the release of Windows 95.

What makes Norton Desktop for Windows special?

Norton Desktop for Windows was a groundbreaking software that provided users with customization options and features that were not previously available in the Windows 3.x shell. It was praised for its user-friendly interface and useful tools like the integrated file manager and calendar.

Is there any similar software available?

Yes, there are many desktop enhancement software available in the market, such as Stardock’s WindowBlinds, Rainmeter, and ObjectDock. These programs allow users to customize their desktops, icons, and taskbars to their liking.

Final Thoughts

Norton Desktop for Windows was a game-changer for Windows 3.x users. It provided them with a set of tools and customization options that were not available in the default Windows shell. Although it’s no longer available, the legacy of Norton Desktop for Windows can still be seen in the desktop customization software available today.

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