What isNote 4

Samsung Note 4 is one of the most popular Android smartphones and tablets on the market. It is part of the well-known Samsung Note line, which was first introduced in 2011. What made the Note series stand out was the inclusion of a pen, called the “S Pen”, that allowed for scribbling and drawing.

The S Pen is designed using the Wacom digitizer tablet, allowing users to tap on icons and menus. The phone comes with a slot where the pen can be safely kept.


What is the Samsung Note 4?

Samsung Note 4 is a high-end Android smartphone and tablet that features a stylus pen known as S Pen.

What makes the Note 4 different from other smartphones?

The Note 4 stands out because of its unique stylus pen that allows you to scribble and draw directly on the screen.

What is the S Pen?

The S Pen is Samsung’s stylus pen designed for use with Note smartphones and tablets. It features a Wacom digitizer, which allows users to tap directly on icons and menus as well as scribble and draw.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Note 4 remains an important, feature-packed smartphone and tablet, thanks to its unique stylus, the S Pen. With the S Pen on board, the Note 4 impresses power users, creatives, or anyone who needs a modern stylus smartphone.

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