What isNotes field

The Notes field is a text box that appears before each definition in an encyclopedia’s source text. This field contains codes that show when a text change occurred in the source files. The main purpose of the Notes field is to spare copy editors from having to read through the entire definition if only a small part of the text has been altered.

How does it work?

Once the original text is written, it is transformed into various forms before being sent out. However, the Notes field is kept untouched for reference purposes. This way, copy editors can quickly compare the new text with the original text, and only make the necessary changes without having to re-read the entire definition.

Why is it important?

The Notes field is important because it saves time and effort for copy editors. Without it, they would have to read through the entire definition every time there is a text change. The Notes field also helps ensure consistency and accuracy in the final published version by keeping track of all the changes that were made.


The Notes field is a handy tool for copy editors of an encyclopedia. It saves time and effort by keeping track of text changes, and helps ensure accuracy and consistency in the final published version.


Can the Notes field be edited?

Yes, the Notes field can be edited by copy editors as needed.

Is the Notes field visible in the final published version?

No, the Notes field is not visible in the final published version of the encyclopedia.

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