What isnumber sign

The number sign, also referred to as the pound sign or hash sign, serves as a not-equals symbol in many programming languages. For instance, in the expression “amount # 500,” the # symbol means “not equal to.”

Why is the Number Sign Used?

The number sign is commonly used to indicate inequality in programming languages like Python, Ruby, and C. It is also used in web development to represent an identifier in HTML and CSS.

What Other Usages Does the Number Sign Have?

Besides programming languages, the number sign is also more commonly referred to as the “hashtag” and is used in social media to group posts or tweets together.


The number sign, which is also known as the “pound sign” or “hash sign,” is used in several programming languages as a not-equals symbol. It is also commonly used as an identifier in HTML and CSS, as well as in social media as a hashtag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the importance of number signs in coding?

The primary significance of the number sign in programming is to indicate inequality between two values.

How can I use the number sign in HTML?

The number sign is used in HTML to create anchor links. For instance, you can create a link to a specific part of a webpage by adding the “#” symbol followed by the section’s ID.

What is the difference between a hashtag and a number sign?

While they look identical, the hashtag is used for grouping posts and tweets together on social media platforms, while the number sign is commonly used in programming as a not-equals symbol.

In conclusion, the number sign is a crucial symbol in programming languages used to indicate inequality, and it also has other uses such as an identifier in HTML/CSS and a hashtag in social media.

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