What isNuro

Nuro, a California-based company, is transforming the delivery industry with its autonomous delivery van technology. In just two years since its establishment in 2016, Nuro has partnered with Fry’s Food Stores to make its first delivery to residents in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Nuro’s first vehicles were modified Toyota Priuses, but the company has since designed and built its own specialized R1 delivery vehicle that is tailored to hold parcels and items for safe and efficient transport.

With Nuro’s cutting-edge technology, the future of delivery is looking brighter and more seamless than ever before. Whether you are a business looking to streamline your delivery operations or a consumer looking for faster and more convenient delivery options, Nuro is set to revolutionize the way we think about delivery.


What is Nuro?

Nuro is an autonomous delivery van company based in California.

What makes Nuro different?

Nuro’s specialized R1 delivery vehicle is designed from the ground up to safely transport parcels and items, making it a unique solution for the delivery industry.

Who has Nuro partnered with?

Nuro has already partnered with Fry’s Food Stores to make its first delivery to Scottsdale, Arizona residents.

Experience the Future of Delivery with Nuro

With their autonomous delivery van technology, Nuro is changing the delivery industry for the better. Keep an eye out for this cutting-edge technology in your area and experience the future of delivery today.

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