Looking for a reliable application porting tool for Windows? Look no further than NutCRACKER. Developed by the trusted software company DataFocus, this tool has been helping businesses smoothly migrate Unix utilities to Windows compatibility for years.

In fact, NutCRACKER was so successful that it became a part of the MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers product line in 1999, after DataFocus merged with Mortice Kern Systems Inc. For businesses looking to seamlessly port Unix applications to Windows, NutCRACKER is the industry leader and the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is NutCRACKER?

NutCRACKER is an application porting tool for Windows developed by DataFocus, Inc. that offers an extensive collection of Unix utilities.

How does NutCRACKER work?

NutCRACKER helps migrate Unix utilities to Windows compatibility, making it easier to use these applications on a Windows operating system.

Why choose NutCRACKER?

NutCRACKER is a reliable and industry-leading application porting tool that makes it easy to bring Unix applications to Windows.


For those seeking an easy-to-use and reliable tool for migrating Unix utilities to Windows, NutCRACKER is the industry leader. Choose this tool to streamline the migration process and enjoy seamless compatibility between your Unix and Windows applications.

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