What isnvSRAM

NVSRAM or non-volatile static random-access memory refers to a type of static RAM that stores data even in the event of power loss. This happens due to the capacitors inside these modules that provide sufficient charge to transfer the stored data from SRAM cells to non-volatile flash memory. The nvSRAM operates by reading and writing data like a standard SRAM, offering fast and reliable data recalls.

The Working of nvSRAM

The working of nvSRAM is quite simple. Like other types of SRAM, it stores data using transistors and capacitors. Unlike traditional SRAM, nvSRAM has an additional layer of non-volatile memory made of Flash or EEPROM. When electrical power goes off, the charge present in capacitors is utilized to move data from SRAM cells to non-volatile flash memory.

Benefits of nvSRAM

The combination of RAM and non-volatile memory in nvSRAM brings numerous benefits to the table, such as:

  • Ensures that data is not lost during power failures
  • Faster even in read/write access as compared to EEPROM
  • Consumes minimal power, which is ideal for battery-equipped devices
  • Long operating life as shown by tests and reduced maintenance costs


Q. What makes nvSRAM superior to other types of SRAM?

nvSRAM is a superior type of SRAM as it performs the function of storing data in both volatile and non-volatile memories. This makes it more efficient when there is an unexpected power outage, thus ensuring that the data is safe.

Q. What types of devices use nvSRAM?

nvSRAM is commonly used in applications that require high speed, low power consumption, and non-volatile memory like power meters, networking equipment, RAID systems, and gaming consoles.

Final Thoughts

nvSRAM is a reliable and efficient type of memory that is perfect for use in various devices due to its fast access, low power consumption, and non-volatile memory capabilities. With the increasing demand for non-volatile memory, we expect to see more devices using this technology in the future.

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