What isNWAdmin

NWAdmin is a powerful management console software developed by Novell specifically for NetWare networks. It allows users to efficiently set up network resources over NDS with ease. This Windows-based program has been around since the release of NetWare 4, and it continues to provide valuable features to make network management simpler and more intuitive.

Key Features of NWAdmin

  • Easy setup of network resources over NDS
  • Third-party plug-ins that increase capabilities
  • Efficient management of users, groups, and permissions
  • Remote management of servers and workstations
  • Real-time monitoring of network performance

Why Choose NWAdmin?

NWAdmin is the ideal solution for NetWare network administrators who want a reliable and efficient software tool that comes with excellent capabilities. It enables users to perform complex tasks with just a few clicks, and it allows for customization and integration of third-party plugins for added functionality. With NWAdmin, you can ensure that your network resources are secure and always available to authorized users.


What does NWAdmin stand for?

NWAdmin is an abbreviation for NetWare ADMINistrator.

Is NWAdmin only compatible with NetWare 4?

No, NWAdmin has been around since NetWare 4 was released, but it is compatible with later versions of NetWare too.

Can NWAdmin be used for remote management of servers?

Yes, NWAdmin allows for remote management of servers and workstations.


If you’re looking for a NetWare network management software solution that is both reliable and feature-packed, then NWAdmin is definitely worth considering. With its user-friendly interface, streamlined setup, and customization options, NWAdmin is an excellent choice for any network administrator.

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