What isOEBPS

OEBPS or Open eBook Publication Structure is an electronic book and web publishing standard developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum based on XML. This standard was introduced in 1999 and served as a model for the 2007 Open Publication Structure (OPS).

Open eBook publications are not directly readable by e-book devices, but they are combined into a proprietary format to make them more suitable for specific hardware. The Open eBook format was last modified in 2002.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about OEBPS

What is the International Digital Publishing Forum?

The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) is a group that develops and maintains technical standards for digital publications and related technologies.

How is OEBPS different from other e-book formats?

OEBPS is based on XML, which makes it more flexible and adaptable than some other formats. It also allows for more advanced features, such as multimedia content and interactivity.

Can OEBPS files be read on any e-book device?

No, OEBPS files need to be combined with proprietary formats to be read on specific hardware devices.

Final Thoughts

OEBPS is an important standard for electronic book and web publishing. Its flexibility and support for advanced features make it a popular choice for publishers and authors looking to create engaging digital content.

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