What isOEM Service Release 2

Windows 95, also called OEM Service Release 2 (OSR2), was released to PC manufacturers in 1996. This version added support for 32-bit CardBus, DMI version 1.1, FAT32, IDE bus mastering, and various bug fixes.


What is Windows 95 OSR2?

Windows 95 OSR2, also known as OEM Service Release 2, was a version of the Windows 95 operating system. It was distributed to PC manufacturers in late 1996 and included several updates and bug fixes compared to the original release of Windows 95.

What were the added features and improvements in Windows 95 OSR2?

Windows 95 OSR2 introduced support for various enhancements, including:

  • 32-bit CardBus: This technology allowed for faster data transfer rates on PC Card devices.
  • Version 1.1 of DMI: Desktop Management Interface (DMI) is a framework for managing and tracking hardware and software components in a computer system.
  • FAT32: File Allocation Table 32 (FAT32) is a file system that supports larger partition sizes and file sizes compared to the original FAT16 file system used in earlier versions of Windows.
  • IDE bus mastering: This feature improved the performance of IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) devices like hard drives and CD-ROM drives by allowing them to transfer data more efficiently.
  • Bug improvements: Windows 95 OSR2 included numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements, making the operating system more stable and reliable.

WHAT’s New in Windows 95 OSR2?

Windows 95 OSR2 brought significant improvements to the original release of Windows 95. Some of the notable changes and additions include:

CardBus Support

The introduction of 32-bit CardBus support meant that users could take advantage of faster transfer speeds and improved performance on compatible PC Card devices. This was particularly beneficial for users who relied on portable storage or expansion options.

Enhanced Management with DMI 1.1

The inclusion of Version 1.1 of DMI provided better management and tracking of hardware and software components in a computer system. This improved system administrators’ ability to monitor and maintain their networked machines efficiently.

Expanded File System Support with FAT32

With the adoption of FAT32, Windows 95 OSR2 increased the maximum partition size and file size limits. FAT32 allowed for better disk space utilization and efficient storage management, accommodating the growing storage demands of users.

Improved Device Performance with IDE Bus Mastering

IDE bus mastering in Windows 95 OSR2 enhanced the performance of IDE devices by optimizing data transfer operations. This resulted in faster data access and improved Unconventionally system responsiveness for users.

Bug Fixes and Stability Enhancements

Windows 95 OSR2 addressed numerous bugs and stability issues present in the original release. The updates and improvements made the operating system more reliable and provided a more seamless user experience.

The upshot

Windows 95 OSR2, also known as OEM Service Release 2, was a significant update to the original release of Windows 95. It introduced several new features and enhancements, including support for 32-bit CardBus, DMI 1.1, FAT32, and IDE bus mastering. In addition, it included various bug fixes and stability improvements that made Windows 95 OSR2 a more reliable and user-friendly operating system.

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