What isOffice Live Workspace

Microsoft Office Live Workspace was a web-based collaboration and storage platform for Office desktop programmes. Introduced in 2007, it provided users with online storage and the ability to collaborate on Office documents with others. The platform later transitioned to SkyDrive, and then to OneDrive.

Features of Office Live Workspace

Office Live Workspace offered users an easy-to-use web interface to store and share Office documents. Some of its features included:

  • Online storage for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
  • The ability to share documents with others, including simultaneous editing capabilities
  • Integration with desktop versions of Office programs

What Happened to Office Live Workspace?

Office Live Workspace was eventually replaced by SkyDrive, which offered many of the same features with additional storage space and integration with other Microsoft services. SkyDrive then transitioned to OneDrive, which is now the current cloud storage service offered by Microsoft.


Can I still access my Office Live Workspace documents?

No, it is no longer possible to access your documents on Office Live Workspace as the platform has been replaced by OneDrive. However, you can still access your documents if you saved them to your desktop or downloaded them to your computer before the platform was decommissioned.

Is OneDrive free?

Yes, OneDrive offers up to 5GB of free storage for personal use. Additional storage can be purchased through Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Can I collaborate on Office documents in OneDrive?

Yes, just like in Office Live Workspace, you can collaborate on Office documents with others in OneDrive. Multiple users can edit the same document simultaneously and changes are saved in real-time.


In summary, Office Live Workspace was a web-based storage and collaboration platform for Office desktop programmes that was eventually replaced by SkyDrive and then by OneDrive. With the ability to store and share Office documents online, it provided small businesses and individuals with an easy way to collaborate with others.

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