What isoffline browser

With the Offline Mode add-on, disconnecting your browser from the internet is as simple as flipping a switch. Just click the toolbar button to toggle offline mode on or off. When the icon is dark grey, you know it’s in use. This feature stops all internet traffic to and from your browser, similar to turning off your computer’s internet connection. Simply press the back button on the offline mode local page to go back to your original page.


Can I still access previously visited web pages in offline mode?

Yes, the Offline Mode add-on allows you to access web pages that you previously visited while online.

Will I still be able to access my bookmarks while in offline mode?

Yes, you can still access your bookmarks while in offline mode. However, clicking on a bookmark that requires an internet connection will not be possible.

Is the Offline Mode add-on available for all browsers?

No, the Offline Mode add-on is only available for certain browsers. Check your browser’s extension store to see if it is available.

Stay Connected on Your Terms

The Offline Mode add-on gives you the freedom to browse the web on your terms. Whether you need to conserve data, have a spotty connection, or simply want to take a break from the internet, this add-on makes it simple and easy.

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