What isOgg Speex

Xiph.org Foundation’s Ogg multimedia project provides a free multimedia container format that can be used with various applications. The term “ogg” originated from a Netrek video game maneuver. Meanwhile, Speex is a free speech codec designed to compress human speech. It uses the CELP algorithm for speech coding. It can be used in VoIP applications and podcasts as well.

Key Points:

  • Xiph.org Foundation provides the free Ogg multimedia container format.
  • Speex is a free speech codec designed for human speech replication.
  • Speex uses the CELP algorithm in speech coding.
  • Both Ogg and Speex can be used in VoIP applications and podcasts.


1. What is Xiph.org Foundation?

Xiph.org Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide open-source multimedia technologies and formats like Ogg and Speex.

2. Is Speex the only speech codec that Xiph.org offers?

No, besides Speex, Xiph.org also provides other free codecs such as Opus, FLAC, and Vorbis.

3. Can Ogg be used in other multimedia applications?

Yes, Ogg can be used in various multimedia applications such as streaming services and gaming platforms.

Final Thoughts:

Ogg and Speex are excellent alternatives to proprietary multimedia formats and codecs. Their free and open-source nature makes them accessible to anyone. Developers can use these technologies to enhance their applications, while users can enjoy high-quality multimedia experiences without spending a dime.

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