What isOLE control

OLE Control (OLE Control Extension) is a software technology developed by Microsoft that enables Windows programs to extend their capabilities by using pre-made components. These components are commonly known as OLE controls or OLE custom controls.

With OLE Control, programs can quickly and easily incorporate features and functionality without having to develop them from scratch. End users see these controls as just another element of the application, making them an intuitive part of the software.

Advantages of OLE Control:

OLE Control is a second-generation component architecture based on OCXs. Developers can create OCXs in various programming languages, and they are available in both 16-bit and 32-bit versions, making them more versatile than their predecessor, the 16-bit Visual Basic controls (VBXs). These controls could only be written in Visual Basic.

OCXs are now known as ActiveX controls, and they still carry that name. The file extension for OCX is .ocx. With ActiveX, developers can create interactive applications, web-based tools, and software with multimedia features.


What is an OLE control in Visual Basic?

In Visual Basic, an OLE control is a container capable of holding and linking to OLE object. Developers can use this control to add custom controls that provide enhanced functionality to the application.

What is the difference between an OCX and an ActiveX control?

OCX stands for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Control Extension. It is a second-generation control architecture that enables Windows programs to extend their functionality by using pre-made controls. ActiveX controls are a subset of OCX controls that can run in a web browser or as an automation object.


OLE Control is a powerful technology that enables developers to create advanced functions in their software without having to start building from scratch. The use of pre-built components saves time while adding versatility and functionality to the application.

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