OMEGAMON is a suite of performance tools designed to monitor the performance of important systems applications like MVS, CICS, and DB2 in S/390 environments. Developed by Candle Corporation, OMEGAMON was the first real-time performance monitor for MVS until it was acquired by IBM in 2004. With OMEGAMON, you can keep track of how well these applications are being processed, leading to better system performance and reduced downtimes.

Key Features of OMEGAMON

  • Real-time monitoring of application performance
  • Proactive diagnosis and error prevention
  • Integration with other IBM performance tools
  • Automated reporting and alerts

Why Choose OMEGAMON?

OMEGAMON provides comprehensive performance metrics and analytics that help detect problems and performance issues before they can cause major disruptions. The tool is easy to install and integrate with other IBM Tivoli software products, making it a popular choice for system administrators and software developers.


What systems are compatible with OMEGAMON?

OMEGAMON is designed to work with S/390 environments, specifically MVS, CICS, and DB2 applications.

Can OMEGAMON improve system performance?

Yes, OMEGAMON provides real-time monitoring and analytics that help detect potential issues before they can cause major disruptions, leading to better system performance.

Is OMEGAMON easy to install and operate?

Yes, OMEGAMON is easy to install and integrate with other IBM Tivoli software products. Additionally, the tool features automated reporting and alerts, making it easier to operate.

Experience Better Performance with OMEGAMON

OMEGAMON is a powerful suite of performance tools that can keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently. With its real-time monitoring, proactive diagnosis, and automated reporting, you can ensure that your applications are performing at their best. Experience the difference with OMEGAMON.

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