What isOmniTRACS

OmniTRACS is a fleet management system developed by Qualcomm that has been in use since the 1980s. It is an all-in-one solution comprising hardware for two-way mobile communications, fleet management software, and satellite tracking. With its San Diego-based network management center, OmniTRACS is widely used across different industries such as transportation, logistics, and delivery services.

Features of OmniTRACS

  • Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles
  • Driver behavior monitoring, including speeding and hard braking
  • Two-way messaging system between drivers and dispatchers
  • Fuel consumption monitoring and optimization
  • Electronic logging of Hours of Service (HOS) for compliance with FMCSA regulations


OmniTRACS is a versatile solution that can be used with different systems such as iSeries (AS/400), Windows servers, and a web-hosted platform. This broad compatibility ensures that users can choose the setup that best suits their business requirements.


What is the cost of OmniTRACS?

The cost of OmniTRACS varies between different users, as it depends on factors such as the number of vehicles and the features required. Users can contact the OmniTRACS team to get a personalized quote.

Can OmniTRACS work offline?

OmniTRACS relies on satellite tracking and two-way messaging, and as such, requires an internet connection to work properly.


OmniTRACS by Qualcomm is a comprehensive fleet management system that provides real-time tracking, electronic logging, and driver behavior analytics. It can be used with different platforms, making it a versatile solution for businesses that require effective fleet management.

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