What isOnePlus 10

Get ready for the OnePlus 10 – the latest smartphone that packs a punch with new features and upgrades. With a larger battery and improved camera functions, the OnePlus 10 is a must-have device for tech enthusiasts who want a sleek and reliable phone.

The Hasselblad partnership in the OnePlus 9 gets even better in the OnePlus 10, improving the camera features with Dual Color Calibration that produces more natural-looking colors. Selfie lovers will also be delighted with a doubled selfie camera resolution.

Performance enhancements include more efficient gaming capabilities such as decreased gaming touchscreen latency with hypertouch. The Pro model offers faster charging and caters a dynamic refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. The phone supports lower frequency bands of 5G, although millimeter bands are not supported.

The phone is crafted with a plastic frame, similar to the OnePlus 8, for a lightweight build that won’t weigh you down. Get the ultimate smartphone experience with the OnePlus 10.


What is the improvement in the camera of OnePlus 10?

The Dual Color Calibration produces more natural-looking colors and the selfie camera resolution is doubled.

What are the gaming enhancements of OnePlus 10?

The gaming touchscreen latency is decreased with hypertouch for a more efficient gaming experience. The Pro model offers up to 120 Hz dynamic refresh rate for smoother visuals.

What is the material used for the frame of OnePlus 10?

The frame of OnePlus 10 is made of plastic for a lightweight build.

Upgrade to the OnePlus 10 for a smarter, faster and more efficient smartphone experience.

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