What isOnePlus 3

Discover the new and improved OnePlus 3 with its bigger battery and enhanced camera. Equipped with Dual Color Calibration, this phone boasts more natural colors, while the selfie camera has a higher resolution for better photos.

Bigger and Better

Despite being the same size and weight as previous models, the OnePlus 3 includes a larger battery capacity and vastly improved camera. The addition of Dual Color Calibration helps to give the phone a more natural and vibrant look.

Improved Gaming Performance

With the OnePlus 3, gaming performance has also been upgraded. The phone boasts the new feature, hypertouch, which helps to lower touchscreen latency. Not to mention, dynamic refresh rate variations up to 120 Hz come with the Pro model.

Features and Functions

This phone offers several innovative features that take things to the next level. With Hasselblad’s partnership, the camera has been significantly enhanced, although telephoto zooming is still digital. The phone is equipped with faster charging technology, and it supports only 5G lower frequency bands.

Lightweight Design

Although the frame is plastic, the OnePlus 3 still has a sleek design that is easy to handle. The phone’s lightweight frame is similar to the OnePlus 8.


What is hypertouch?

HyperTouch is a feature that lowers touchscreen latency, making it easier and faster to play games.

What is Dual Color Calibration?

Dual Color Calibration is a feature that enhances the natural vibrancy of color in photos.

Experience the New OnePlus 3

Get your hands on the latest and upgraded OnePlus 3 to experience the state-of-the-art technology and features it boasts. From improved camera and gaming performance to a sleek design, the OnePlus 3 is more than just an upgrade for those looking for an exceptional phone.

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