What isopen sourced software

Open source software refers to the software that is made available with its source code, allowing suppliers and end-users to modify it according to their needs. This software model allows users to access, use, and modify the software without any restrictions. Open source software has become an excellent alternative to proprietary software in recent years because it is generally less expensive and more flexible.

Benefits of Open Source Software:

  • Cost Savings: Open source software is free to download and use, which helps to reduce IT costs.
  • Customization: Open source software can be customized to meet specific user needs, providing greater flexibility than proprietary software.
  • Security: Open source software is more secure because the development community can spot and fix vulnerabilities more easily.
  • Transparency: Open source software is transparent, which means users can view and modify the code to ensure that it meets their standards.
  • Collaboration: Open source software encourages collaboration, which means users can contribute to the software’s development and suggest new features.

Open source software is widely used on various platforms, especially in the Linux/Unix community. Linux operating system, Apache Web server, and JBoss application server are a few prominent examples of open source software.


Is all open source software free?

Yes, most open source software is free to use, but some software may have associated costs such as support or maintenance.

How can I get support for open source software?

Most open source software has a community support forum or a dedicated support team that can help you with any issues you may face while using the software.


Open source software provides a great alternative to proprietary software because of its flexibility and cost savings. The software encourages collaboration, customization, and transparency, making it an excellent choice for all types of users. With its growing popularity, it is no surprise that open source software is becoming more prevalent in the technology industry.

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