What isOpenMG

OpenMG is a digital rights management system developed by Sony that supports ATRAC3, WAV, and MP3 audio file formats. It ensures that protected music is only accessible by authorized users, preventing sharing over networks or any unauthorized use of copyrighted content.

With the help of OpenMG Jukebox, users can download, encrypt and check out files to their VAIO Music Clip portable player with ease. This allows for a seamless transfer of audio files to the portable player without compromising the quality or breaking copyrights.


What is OpenMG?

OpenMG is a digital rights management system developed by Sony for audio file formats, such as ATRAC3, WAV, and MP3.

What is the function of OpenMG Jukebox?

OpenMG Jukebox is software used to download, encrypt, and check out audio files to the VAIO Music Clip portable player.

Can users share protected audio files over a network with OpenMG?

No, according to SDMI regulations, protected audio files downloaded by users using OpenMG cannot be shared over a network.

Final Thoughts

OpenMG is an efficient and reliable digital rights management system that ensures the protection of copyrighted audio files. With the support of ATRAC3, WAV, and MP3 file formats, users can easily download and transfer audio files to their portable player using OpenMG Jukebox.

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