What isOpenSolaris Project

OpenSolaris is a term used to describe the programming community for Sun Microsystems’ Solaris open source project. It includes the source of Solaris operating system kernel, networks, libraries, and commands, as well as the developer community. Contributions to OpenSolaris are published under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), which is an open-source license supported by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

What is OpenSolaris?

OpenSolaris is a term used to refer to the community that the Solaris open-source project of Sun Microsystems has developed. It pertains not only to the operating system but also to the development community and source base. Included in the OpenSolaris project is the source code for the Solaris operating system kernel, network, libraries, and commands. Additionally, contributions to OpenSolaris are published under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), a widely recognized open-source license.

Why OpenSolaris is Important?

OpenSolaris has enabled developers to freely access the Solaris source code, which would have been unavailable without open sourcing it. OpenSolaris’ openness has also allowed developers to collaborate, build, and test systems that incorporate Solaris features, making it a powerful development tool. Moreover, the practical benefits of OpenSolaris are many, including more secure, stable, and scalable applications.

FAQs About OpenSolaris

What are the benefits of OpenSolaris?

OpenSolaris’ open-source nature allows developers to collaborate and share ideas, resulting in enhanced code quality and application stability. With improved scalability, stability, and security, applications that incorporate OpenSolaris offer greater peace of mind to their users. Moreover, OpenSolaris’ openness makes it a valuable learning tool for developers.

Who is developing OpenSolaris?

OpenSolaris is developed by a community-owned and community-supporting body. Although it was initially sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Microsoft later acquired it when they acquired Sun after the company’s financial woes. Today, it is supported by various software companies and individuals, but its maintenance is primarily the responsibility of the open-source community itself.

What is CDDL?

The CDDL license is an open-source license popular among open-source developers. CDDL is OSI-approved, which means it satisfies the Open Source Initiative’s requirements for an open-source license. CDDL allows for sharing and modification of source code. CDDL was created as a collaborative project by Sun Microsystems, which aimed to create a license that would allow their software engineers to make contributions to open source projects while maintaining their intellectual property rights.

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