What isoperational data store

An Operational Data Store (ODS) is a database designed to provide quick and easy access to transactional data. Unlike a data warehouse, an ODS is updated in real-time, making it ideal for businesses that require current data for operational decision making.

ODS is primarily used as a staging area for data warehousing, but it can also serve as an independent system for operational reporting and analysis. It is designed to handle small amounts of data and multiple queries with impressive performance.

In contrast, a data warehouse is a massive repository that stores historical data from multiple sources. It is optimized to support complex analysis and decision making. Since data warehouses are updated on a periodic basis, they are not suitable for real-time reporting and decision making.


What are some use cases of an ODS?

An ODS can be used for real-time reporting, operational decision making, and as a source for a data warehouse.

What type of queries does an ODS support?

An ODS supports ad hoc queries that generally involve small amounts of data.

Can an ODS serve as a standalone system?

Yes, an ODS can act as an independent system for operational reporting and analysis.

In summary, An ODS differs from a data warehouse in that it stores current data updated in real-time for instantaneous access for real-time reporting and decision making. An ODS is optimized for many queries on small amounts of data, and a data warehouse is designed primarily for complex analysis and decision making for vast amounts of historical data.

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