What isoptical scanner

An optical scanner is a device that uses light to capture and convert printed pages or images into computer-usable graphical data. It reads the document and creates a digital image based on the dots it detects, creating a bitmapped image. While the scanner doesn’t recognize the specific content of the document, optical character recognition (OCR) software can be used to convert printed text into computer-readable characters that can be edited.

How does an optical scanner work?

Optical scanners use a combination of light and sensors to detect and capture data from printed pages or images. The document is passed beneath the scanner’s lens, which emits light that reflects off the surface of the material being scanned. The reflected light passes through a series of sensors, which convert the information into digital data that can be processed by a computer.

What are some common uses of optical scanners?

Optical scanners are commonly used in various industries, including healthcare, banking, and retail. They are used to scan various kinds of documents, including receipts, invoices, legal documents, medical records, and more. Optical scanners are also used in manufacturing to scan product barcodes and track inventory.


What is the difference between an optical scanner and a flatbed scanner?

While optical scanners are often used to refer to devices that specifically scan printed pages or images, flatbed scanners can also scan physical objects and three-dimensional images. Flatbed scanners work by laying the object or material to be scanned onto a flat glass surface, which is then scanned similarly to how a printed page would be.

What is OCR software?

OCR software is used to convert printed text into characters that can be edited by a computer. It recognizes individual characters in a scanned image and converts them into a digital text format, such as a word processing file.


In conclusion, optical scanners are an important tool for businesses and individuals to convert printed pages and images into digital data. By using light and sensors to capture and convert the information, optical scanners create a bitmapped image that can be processed by a computer. With the help of OCR software, printed text can also be converted into editable computer characters, making it an essential tool for businesses across various industries.

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