What isOracle Express Server

Oracle Express Server is a top-of-the-line multidimensional database solution that offers a comprehensive range of data views to cater for all your diverse business needs. It offers both pre-prepared MOLAP (multidimensional online analytical processing) and real-time ROLAP (relational online analytical processing) views to provide you with a customizable approach to managing your data.

With Oracle Express Server, you can now access your data through an Excel spreadsheet, making it easier to share data with the team, and collaborate efficiently while working on the same database.

Key features of Oracle Express Server include:

  • Flexible and customizable multidimensional data views
  • Real-time access to relational databases
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Excel integration for seamless data sharing


What is MOLAP and ROLAP?

MOLAP stands for multidimensional online analytical processing and is a way to process data in multidimensional formats. ROLAP stands for relational online analytical processing, which involves converting data into a relational format for improved processing by utilizing SQL.

How do I access Oracle Express Server?

You can access Oracle Express Server through an Excel spreadsheet or by connecting to the server with an Oracle-supported application.

Experience Multidimensional Data Views with Oracle Express Server Today!

Oracle Express Server is the perfect tool for turning your data into actionable insights. With its multidimensional data views, ease of use, and Excel integration, it takes your data analytics to the next level. Experience the benefits of Oracle Express Server for yourself today!

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