What isOS/390

OS/390 is the primary operating system designed for use with IBM mainframes. Originally named MVS/ESA, the system was rebranded and reconfigured in the mid-1990s with a broad selection of utilities aimed at improving functionality and ease-of-use. The underlying core of OS/390 is still MVS, however, technological advancements in the OS/390 design completely distinguished it from its MVS predecessors.

Key Points of OS/390 Operating System

  • Designed for IBM Mainframes
  • Originally known as MVS/ESA
  • Improved functionality and user-friendliness
  • Not guaranteed to be downward compatible with MVS/ESA 5.2.2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is IBM mainframe?

IBM mainframe is a large, powerful computer that was initially introduced by IBM as low-cost alternative to mainframe computers from other sellers. However, IBM mainframe is now a term for any large computer system.

What are the benefits of OS/390 operating system?

OS/390 offers high level of reliability, scalability, and robustness.


OS/390 is a great operating system for everyone interested or involved with IBM mainframes. The system offers businesses high levels of scalability and robustness, allowing them to keep pace with the growing demands of digital technologies.

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