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When you compose an email message, most email programs will automatically save a draft in your outbox as you write. The outbox is the place where outgoing email messages are temporarily kept until they are sent to the intended recipient. It acts as a buffer, especially when there are issues with connectivity, so that you can still write messages even without an Internet connection.

Once you hit the send button, the message is then transferred from the outbox to the mail server for delivery to the recipient. If there were no issues, most email applications will move the message to the “Sent” or “Sent Messages” folder once it has been sent. Although the terms “Outbox” and “Sent Messages” can be used interchangeably, they actually have different meanings.

If you’re having trouble sending emails, check your outbox first to make sure that there are no unsent messages stuck there. If there is, try to resend it or troubleshoot the problem.


Why is my email stuck in the Outbox?

There may be several reasons why an email is stuck in the outbox. It could be due to connectivity issues, large attachments, or problems with your email account settings. Try resending the message or troubleshooting the problem to fix the issue.

Can I retrieve a message from the Outbox?

Yes, messages that are still in the outbox can be retrieved and edited before you send them. Simply open the message, make the necessary changes, and try sending it again.

What’s the difference between Outbox and Sent Messages?

The Outbox represents your drafts and outgoing messages that have not yet been sent. On the other hand, Sent Messages show the messages that have already been sent to the recipient.


An outbox is a temporary storage for your outgoing email messages. It helps ensure that your messages are sent properly and acts as a buffer when there are issues with connectivity. By checking your outbox, you can ensure that all your important emails are sent and properly delivered to their intended recipients.

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