What isoutside plant

Outside plant (OSP) is the physical infrastructure that connects subscribers to the central office of a phone company. It includes a network of cables, junction boxes, load coils, and other structures that manage, protect and distribute the telecommunication signals from the central office to the subscribers.

The Role of Outside Plant in Telecommunication

OSP plays a crucial role in telecommunication networks as it ensures that reliable network connectivity is available to customers. The outside plant is responsible for transmitting data, voice, and video signals across long distances and is considered the primary physical asset of a telecommunication company.


What is Central Office (CO)?

A central office, also known as a telephone exchange, is a facility that connects customer’s telephone lines to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

What are the components of OSP?

The components of OSP include cables, junction boxes, load coils, repeaters, and closures that are used to manage the transmission of signals.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Outside plant (OSP) is an essential part of the telecommunication infrastructure as it connects clients to central offices. The components of the OSP, including cables, junction boxes, and load coils, work together to ensure reliable network connectivity.

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