What ispage turn

The Page Turn function is a popular feature available on the iPad and iPhone, which mimics the experience of turning a page in a book. Its patent has been a source of dispute between Apple and Samsung, a major player in the Android smartphone market.

With this handy feature, you can enjoy reading an e-book, flipping through a virtual photo album or browsing a digital magazine just as you would do with a physical book.

Although it has been at the center of some legal disputes, the Page Turn function remains a popular and useful feature, appreciated by many users of iOS devices.


What is Page Turn?

Page Turn is a digital function available on the iPhone and iPad that mimics the experience of turning a physical page in a book or magazine.

Is Page Turn available on other devices?

No. Page Turn is a function exclusive to iOS devices and is not available on other platforms or devices.

Is Page Turn a patented feature?

Yes. The Page Turn function has been the center of several patent disputes between Apple and Samsung, a major Android smartphone manufacturer.

What can I use Page Turn for?

Page turn can be used for a variety of tasks such as reading e-books, viewing digital magazines, or flipping through virtual photo albums.

Final thoughts

The Page Turn function on iOS devices is a great feature, especially for avid readers and those who enjoy browsing digital content. Its intuitive design makes reading or browsing more natural and immersive. Although it has been the center of patent disputes, this feature remains an important part of the iOS user experience.

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