What isPageMaker

PageMaker is a comprehensive desktop publishing application available for both Windows and Mac users. It is a popular software used in the visual arts sector for designing advertising, brochures, newsletters, and books of varying sizes and types.

PageMaker revolutionized the desktop publishing industry when Aldus Corporation first launched it in 1985 for Macintosh. The PC version debuted in 1987 for Windows 1.0. Paul Brainerd, the president of Aldus Corporation, created the word “PageMaker” and it served as the standard for desktop publishing for many years.

However, Adobe eventually replaced PageMaker with its InDesign software. Despite being outdated, PageMaker’s popularity remains intact among some dedicated users.


Can I still use PageMaker?

Yes, PageMaker can still be used but it is no longer updated and can only be used with older versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It is recommended for users to migrate to newer desktop publishing software such as Adobe InDesign.

Is PageMaker easy to use?

While PageMaker may have been user-friendly during its heyday, users may find it difficult to use due to its outdated technology and limited compatibility with newer operating systems.

What replaced PageMaker?

Adobe’s InDesign replaced PageMaker and has become the new standard for desktop publishing software.

The Bottom Line

PageMaker was a revolutionary desktop publishing software when it first launched in 1985. However, it is no longer updated and can only be used with older operating systems. While it may still hold a place in the hearts of dedicated users, it is recommended for users to migrate to newer software like Adobe InDesign.

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