What isPartitionMagic

PartitionMagic was a tool developed by Symantec to organize hard drives effectively. It has an impressive feature that makes changes in disk partitions without deleting previous data. It is known as “Norton PartitionMagic” and supports file systems like FAT, NTFS, and EXT 2/3 (Linux). PartitionMagic was widely used for Windows clients before Vista, and it is still available for download online.

Before PartitionMagic, people depended on DOS Fdisk software to partition their hard drives which resulted in the loss of all data. However, PartitionMagic solved this problem and allowed people to resize and move their partitioned drives easily.

In 2003, Symantec acquired PowerQuest Corporation, which was the original developer of this remarkable tool. The tool was launched in 1995 and is no longer available for purchase, but the software is still in use by many.


Is PartitionMagic compatible with all file systems?

PartitionMagic is compatible with FAT, NTFS, and EXT 2/3 (Linux) file systems.

What is the official name of PartitionMagic?

The official name of the PartitionMagic tool is “Norton PartitionMagic.”

Can I still download PartitionMagic?

Although PartitionMagic is no longer available for purchase, you can still find many downloads available online.

PartitionMagic is a highly regarded disk partitioning tool that has made life easy for countless people. It makes managing disk partitions a breeze and helps people to keep their data safe while making changes in the hard drives.

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